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Civil Rights Act of 1964

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a landmark piece of legislation in the United States that outlawed major forms of discrimination against African Americans and women, including racial segregation. It ended unequal application of voter registration requirements and racial segregation in schools, at the workplace and by facilities that served the general public ("public accommodations"). Powers given to enforce the act were initially weak, but were supplemented during later years.

African-American history Discrimination law in the United States United States federal criminal legislation Anti-racism 1964 in law Labour law Civil rights movement during the Lyndon B. Johnson Administration History of the United States (1945–1964) United States federal civil rights legislation 88th United States Congress Great Society programs
Fundamental rights

Fundamental rights are a generally regarded set of entitlements in the context of a legal system, wherein such system is itself said to be based upon this same set of basic, fundamental, or inalienable entitlements or "rights. " Such rights thus belong without presumption or cost of privilege to all human beings under such jurisdiction.

Rights Civil rights and liberties Constitutional law
Human rights in the United States

Human rights in the United States are legally protected by the Constitution of the United States and amendments, conferred by treaty, and enacted legislatively through Congress, state legislatures, and plebiscites (state referenda). Federal courts in the United States have jurisdiction over international human rights laws as a federal question, arising under international law, which is part of the law of the United States.

Political repression in the United States Human rights in the United States
Civil right

Civil Rights Act

Civil Rights Game

The Civil Rights Game is an annual Major League Baseball game that honors the history of civil rights in the United States and marked the unofficial end to the league's Spring Training. Starting in 2009, the game became a regular season game. The first two games were held at AutoZone Park in Memphis, Tennessee.

Major League Baseball competitions Civil rights movement Sports in Memphis, Tennessee Recurring sporting events established in 2007
Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement

From the early 60’s a number of initiatives had emerged which challenged inequality and discrimination in Northern Ireland. For example, in the mid ‘60s the Campaign for Social Justice (CSJ) was founded by the McCluskeys, two doctors with a background in housing activism. They had been involved in the Homeless Citizens League, an organisation which came about after some Catholic women occupied disused social housing.

Organisations based in Northern Ireland
John Robert Holland

John Holland is an American lawyer.

Living people Guantanamo Bay attorneys American civil rights lawyers Year of birth missing (living people) University of California, Los Angeles alumni

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